Resilience in Times of Social Distancing

YEAR: 2020
final report

Discovering new paradigms of music education

Chispas Musicales Academia & professor Guillermo Rosabal-Coto

In 2020, Chispas Musicales Academia (Managua, Nicaragua) transitioned to a hybrid model of online and face-to-face program delivery. Recognising the gaps in teacher knowledge, expertise and resources, this project offers our teachers training in the development and evaluation of online pedagogies and the production of high quality online educational material.

Our teachers will also participate in an ethnographic research component that will investigate: (i) how to increase the quality of interpersonal interactions in online learning environments, and (ii) how online learning environments can better support individuals living in an at-risk area. The resources and knowledge generated will contribute much needed teacher training resources and music education materials, and enhance understanding of the paradigm change occurring in music education within Nicaragua and the Central American region.

Project Team

Douglas Flores Mondragón

Director, Chispas Muiscales Academia

Luis Ramsés Gómez

Chispas Musicales Academia

Professor Guillermo Rosabal-Coto

Humboldt Professor 2020, Coordinator, Red de Pedagogías Críticas y Decoloniales en las Artes (Network of Critical and Decolonial Pedagogies in the Arts), a project of the Musicar Observatory under the auspices of the Art Research Institute of the University of Costa Rica.