Music Education for Social Action

Year: 2020

Creating accessible teacher training tools

Gabrielle Smith, PhD candidate

The goal of this project is to develop and evaluate a research-based pedagogical methodology and teacher training course for student-teachers intent on working in music-for-social-action programs. I draw upon research in the fields of music education, critical theory, decolonizing pedagogies and education for social change, as well as my own practical experience as a public school teacher, teacher educator and leader of music for social action programs to: 1) create a pilot course designed for musicians intent on teaching in the field of music for social action; 2) teach the course to undergraduate music students; and, 3) evaluate the accessibility and usefulness of the course material in achieving pedagogical growth. Access to pedagogical training grounded in critical theories will enable music teachers to reflect on their practices and positionality so as to work towards intentional and cohesive social action agendas. 

Project Leader

Gabrielle Smith

PhD Student, McGill University, Montreal, Canada