The Music Lab

YEAR: 2020

How can music-making practices in Music Education Hubs in England incorporate youth voice?

Sound Connections & Dr Anna Bull

This action research project builds on Sound Connections’ ongoing work with music education Hubs in England in scaffolding Youth Voice into organisational structures, in order to ask how Youth Voice might be incorporated into Hubs’ musical  activities. Under the guidance of Dr Anna Bull and working with Music Education Hub partner Lewisham Music, a series of workshops will be carried out with young people – a ‘Music Lab’ – that aim to explore and generate new practices for Youth Voice in classical music education. Amplifying Youth Voice in classical music will create the possibility for changes within classical music education, and this in turn has the potential to lead to more inclusive music-making.

Project Team

Jennifer Raven

Deputy Director, Sound Connections

Project Partner

Lewisham Music

Dr Anna Bull

Senior Lecturer in Sociology, School of Education and Sociology, University of Portsmouth

Photo credits (Lewisham Music): Clive Tagg